British Columbia Investment Management Corporation

British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC) claims to be a model corporate citizen following ethical principles in its business dealings but there is emerging evidence BCIMC may be a criminal organization that terrorizes law abiding citizens in order to take over their property.

The story of how BCIMC secretly conspired to take over the property of Pacific Rim Resort owned by the English family reveals a network controlled by BCIMC stretching from Victoria, British Columbia, to Atlanta, Georgia.

The campaign of terrorism included, firebombing, vandalism, death threats, abuse of municipal power, abuse of government power, obstruction of justice, and attempted murder as part of a conspiracy to acquire private property at fire sale prices. All investors in British Columbia need to be aware of these tactics by Government agencies.

There is an ancient legal maxim: "He who profits most from a crime is the one most likely to have committed it"

The available evidence shows that crimes were committed and that BCIMC, along with its subsidiary Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc. (Parkbridge), and the Government of British Columbia benefitted so, in the Editors opinion, the logical conclusion, at this time, is that the Government of British Columbia, BCIMC and Parkbridge committed the crimes. But we will let you the reader be the judge. Please complete online opinion poll in right hand column.

Saturday, November 12, 2016

British Columbia Politicians React In Fear To Election of Trump The Truth Teller

Screw You Too Christy Clark
Insiders report that the Canadian Political class, especially the crooked politicians and bureaucrats in British Columbia who stole the property of the English family and refuse to give it back, are reacting in fear, horror, dread and panic over the election of the no-bull-shit truth teller Donald Trump to the American presidency.

Mr. Trump was elected largely because he spoke the truth about the lying, cheating, thieving, politicians and their friends in the USA that he bought with his own cash over the years while his rival Hillary Clinton was caught in a major corruption scandal that has many parallels in British Columbia. 

Mr. Trump could have been saying the exact same thing about the corrupt Premier Christy Clark and her colleagues both in the BC liberal Party and in the crooked NDP opposition party under its corrupt leader John Horgan who is afraid to blow the whistle on corruption involving his pension plan because he is compromised by ...what ? 

Another Crooked Politician

Premier Clark and her colleagues including Mr. Horgan and is NDP caucus members are now key players in a criminal conspiracy to retain possession property stolen from the English family which is a criminal offence contrary to section 354 (1) of the Criminal Code of Canada. 

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark and her corrupt colleagues are especially worried because Premier Clark, an outsider from Canada felt no shyness in trying to win approval from the public in Canada by throwing insults at Mr. Trump when she, fooled by the corrupt media polls in the USA, was supremely confident that Mr. Trump would lose the election.

A mere two weeks before the November 8 election, Premier Clark opened her big mouth and according to the Vancouver Sun said "there is no way to defend what Donald Trump has said... in fact, everybody should be condemning it ... it’s just really important that we have the chance to confront it, to talk about it and to condemn it, ...This is an unbelievable election. I’ve never seen anything like this in politics.” 

Well done Premier Clark...

How are you going to negotiate a softwood lumber deal or any deal when you insult the President of the United States?  

Another Crooked Politician
The problem facing crooked politicians in British Columbia is that water flows downhill and if Trump drains the swamp in Washington, as he promised to do, then water levels in the swamp in British Columbia will go down and the crooked payoffs to offshore islands to reward British Columbia politicians and high level crooked bureaucrats and the sex with children trips and other stuff on the Lolita Express to Orgy Island and other hot spots by British Columbia politicians and bureaucrats will  become widely known and ... 

By contrast, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did not rush out and throw insults at Mr. Trump and but, instead, wisely refused to comment on the personalities or statements made during to the US Presidential race. 
Wise Man Trudeau

When President Trump comes to Ottawa and  Prime Minister Trudeau goes to Washington, Trudeau will have no difficulty looking Mr. Trump  straight in the eye and getting down to business while Premier Christy Clark and the crooked political class in British Columbia will be stumbling and fumbling and all the softwood lumber workers in British Columbia, whose jobs are on the line, will be wishing that Christy Clark had been smart like Justin Trudeau and kept her big mouth shut.

Meanwhile Christy Clark and the criminals around her are doing their best to destroy John Carten who is the retired lawyer who assisted John English and his family understand that the crimes against their family were carried out to enrich Premier Clark's pension plan and that is why the Premier Clark refuses to discuss giving the property back like criminals are supposed to do when they are caught. The dirty lawyers hired by Christy Clark and her criminal friends are trying to put Mr. Carten in jail for helping the victims of their crimes. The case is set for hearing on November 28, 2016 in Vancouver.  

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