British Columbia Investment Management Corporation

British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC) claims to be a model corporate citizen following ethical principles in its business dealings but there is emerging evidence BCIMC may be a criminal organization that terrorizes law abiding citizens in order to take over their property.

The story of how BCIMC secretly conspired to take over the property of Pacific Rim Resort owned by the English family reveals a network controlled by BCIMC stretching from Victoria, British Columbia, to Atlanta, Georgia.

The campaign of terrorism included, firebombing, vandalism, death threats, abuse of municipal power, abuse of government power, obstruction of justice, and attempted murder as part of a conspiracy to acquire private property at fire sale prices. All investors in British Columbia need to be aware of these tactics by Government agencies.

There is an ancient legal maxim: "He who profits most from a crime is the one most likely to have committed it"

The available evidence shows that crimes were committed and that BCIMC, along with its subsidiary Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc. (Parkbridge), and the Government of British Columbia benefitted so, in the Editors opinion, the logical conclusion, at this time, is that the Government of British Columbia, BCIMC and Parkbridge committed the crimes. But we will let you the reader be the judge. Please complete online opinion poll in right hand column.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

$25,000.00 REWARD OFFERED for information leading to prosecution and conviction of criminal conspirators.

Of those behind the crimes described here.
Jack English and his family are offering a $25,000 REWARD for information leading to the prosecution and conviction of those behind the crimes carried out against him and his family. (Editors' Note: The reward was increased to $50,000; see August 12, 2013 post).

These crimes are believed to have been part of a criminal conspiracy carried out by agents British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC) and its subsidiary Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc. (Parkbridge).

Reward posters have been posted in the Tofino area but, as soon as they are posted, they are torn down.

It is obvious that some people in the local area know some of the people involved in the crimes that were committed

However, it is probable that people in the local area were agents of people in Victoria, Vancouver, and Calgary

Calgary is the company headquarters of Parkbridge and Doug Pearce is a graduate of the University of Calgary.

There have been several crooked scams involving the British Columbia government that are linked to Calgary.

For example, former Deputy Minister of Energy British Columbia, Jack Ebbels, was reputed to take bribes from Calgary business people in exchange for oil and natural gas deals. 

Jack Ebbels died from  a sudden heart attack a month after information about his bribe taking was posted on the internet. The heart attack looked suspiciously like a murder.

Click here to read the Jack Ebbels obituary.

Click here to read about the probable murder of Jack Ebbels

Low level insiders with BCIMC, Parkbridge or the British Columbia government are encouraged to blow the whistle on any of their bosses who were involved. 

If you are an insider who has knowledge of who committed these crimes contact Jack English at or by telephone at

Mailing address: P.O. Box 570, Tofino, B.C., V0R 2Z0

The Editors of this blog believe that blowing the whistle may best way to save your life because in other cases insiders who have not blown the whistle have been murdered. 


The crimes began in 2010 shortly after the property was put in foreclosure and Mission Creek Mortgage company was granted exclusive conduct of the sale.  This meant that Jack English was not allowed to market his own property.  Jack English believes his own lawyer sabotaged him.  This is a common practice in British Columbia where the legal profession is riddled with corruption.

The criminal conspiracy against him was carried out like a military operation, involving employees of BC Hydro (a government owned company) who destroyed his access bridge to his secondary property with over 600 campsites thereby cutting off an alternative source of revenues.  BC Hydro Vice President David Lebeter and former Chariman Dan Doyle, who is Premier Christy Clark's Chief of Staff are key suspects and / or witnesses in the criminal conspiracy.

The Municipality of Tofino denied Jack English a business licence, cut off his sewer services and imposed illegal retroactive development costs charges on of his 450 campsites on the main property.

All of these government employees had their pensions managed by BCIMC, the owner of Parkbridge, and it is agents of these companies who are believed to be the ring leaders in the criminal conspiracy against the English family.

The campaign of vandalism included 30 attacks on his property, three of which involved fire bombing of resort buildings.  Most of the attacks appear to have come from the ocean thereby avoiding being detected by locals who might have seen strange vehicles parked nearby in a small community.

After some of the attacks peculiar symbols like those shown on the left were found painted on various structures. Researchers have identified these symbols as Native in origin but it is believed that the use of Native symbolism by the attackers was part of a strategy to create the illusion that the property was part of a Native land claim thereby driving the down the market value.

The land is  not part of any special Native land claim and Jack English and his family have enjoyed cordial and respectful relations with the local native community. Readers should understand that most of the land mass of British Columbia is subject to Native land claims and violent attack by Natives are unheard of. 

The attempt to blame the Natives is a characteristic tactic of insiders with the BC Government to cover up their own crimes and  Government legal departments connected with Native affairs have a reputation for corruption.

The case gets more complicated and also involved an abuse of court procedures. 

The judge in the foreclosure proceeding recognized that the property had a unique value and would take time to properly market but Parkbridge and Mission Creek secretly colluded to prevent the property being properly marketed on the open market.

The evidence of this collusion will be posted later but involved an agreement by Mission Creek that it "... shall not enter into or continue negotiations with any other person for the sale of the property not enter any negotiations with other interested buyers". 

Such an agreement is contrary to the implicit terms of the court order and may involve a criminal contempt of the court proceedings because it is was a clear attempt to prevent open competition in what was  supposed to be an open market auction type sale to the highest bidder.  Legal research has determined that the agreement between Parkbridge and Mission Creek appears to have been a clear attempt to obstruct the course of justice contrary to section 139 (2) of the Criminal Code of Canada and, if found guilty, Parkbridge and Mission Creek may be facing 10 years  imprisonment.

The combined effect of these activities, all apparently carried out by government employees or their agents, was to prevent the land from being properly marketed and to use the court system to deliver title to a Parkbridge, a company indirectly owned by British Columbia Government employees, through BCIMC, at a distress sale price of $16 million which paid out the mortgage and mortgage company's legal bills but was about $45 million lower that the $60 million lower than the appraised value and left not a dime for Jack English and his family who bought the property over 30 years ago.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Is BC Hydro Employee David Lebeter a Criminal? Did David Lebeter admit his guilt?

David Lebeter, (shown in photo on left) is the B.C. Hydro vice president for field operations.

When asked why BC Hydro was refusing to pay its debts to Jack English and fix the bridge it broke.

 David Lebeter responded and said "I won't comment on that" 

"Well, come on David", our reporter replied, "it sure looks like BC Hydro is refusing to fix the bridge and refusing to pay Jack English for the work he did just to help BCIMC take over Jack's property" 

"I won't comment on that" he said. 

"So that means you are f--king him over on purpose" 

"Oh my", David said, "such language

"Well, you are screwing him, aren't you?"  

It seems poor David Lebeter wanted to pretend that he has never heard of people "f--king over" other people which is a very, very, common figure of speech in Canada and most of the English speaking world. 

David refused to answer. He went silent, cowered in his corner, admitted his guilt by his silence and hung up the telephone.

In the Editors opinion David Lebeter and his employer BC Hydro are out of control, have no respect for ethics, honesty in business, fair dealing and commercial morality and are both guilty of participating in a scheme to assist their pension fund manager BCIMC steal the English family property at distress sale prices.

Dan Doyle (shown in photo on right) was Chairman of BC Hydro when the original damage occurred and he promised to fix the bridge. Dan is now Chief of Staff to Premier Christy Clark and, presumably with the approval of the Premier, he has refused to meet Jack English to discuss why BC Hydro is refusing to meet its legal and ethical obligations.  

This is a typical example of dirty British Columbia civil service tactics.  

The Editors have witnessed such tactics over and over, again and again, and it is why British Columbia is not a safe place to invest and own property.  

BC Hydro, BCIMC and the civil service were created by politicians to serve the people not to destroy their businesses and steal their land.  

Sunday, July 28, 2013

BCIMC Legal Counsel denies wrong doing by his clients.

Robert des Trois Maisons - legal counsel BCIMC 
Robert des Trois Maison (shown in photo on left) is Vice President of Legal Affairs and Chief Legal Counsel for BCIMC
In correspondence late Friday evening (11:04 P.M.) to one of our blog Editors, des Trois Maison issued a general denial as follows:   
I am General Counsel for the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation. I have been provided with a copy of the email you sent this afternoon to Doug Pearce. The statements and allegations on the website concerning bcIMC, Mr. Pearce and his son are false and defamatory. None of these parties was involved in any conspiracy or wrongdoing, whether as alleged on the website or otherwise, nor do they consent to your publication of this false and defamatory material.
The Editors are of the opinion that the denial by Mr. des Trois Maison does not deal with the issues.  

It is patently clear that not all of the statements on this website/blog about BCIMC, Doug Pearce or his son, Reid Pearce, are false. 

Some statements are clearly true and leave no room for doubt, for example, no one can honestly deny Doug Pearce is CEO of BCIMC, that BCIMC owns Parkbridge, that Tofino and BC Hydro civil servants have their pension funds managed by BCIMC.  
Also, the Editors have been careful not to accuse BCIMC, Doug Pearce, his son Reid, of any specific wrong-doing.  
The Editors have simply described the facts and outlined the logical inferences that can be drawn from those facts based on accepted forensic principles.  

The Editors has responded to Mr. des Trois Maison and requested he identify specific statements that are false.  

The Editors have also suggested to Mr. des Trois Maison that if BCIMC, Doug Pearce and his son are innocent then:

1.  BCIMC will support Jack English and his family by requesting a proper police investigation of crimes carried out against the English family and their property including the threats on their mortgage broker in Nova Scotia.  If the mortgage broker had not been threatened and completed her engagement BCIMC / Parkbridge would not have been able to acquire the resort property at distress sale prices.

2. BCIMC will support Jack English with his request for a meeting with Premier Christy Clark and her staff to resolve the unethical conduct of BC Hydro that appears to be supporting the interests of BCIMC.  BCIMC Board of Directors member, Cheryl Yaremko, is also BC Hydro's Chief Financial officer and she is in a perfect position to facilitate a resolution of this long outstanding matter that gives the clear public impression that BC Hydro is refusing to revolve the matter in order to assist BCIMC in an underhanded way. 

Readers are encouraged to visit again in the next few days to find out if BCIMC and Doug Pearce will do the right thing and  take the suggested measures that would assist to preserve the public reputations of BCIMC and its CEO Doug Pearce who claim to adhere to the best ethical practices.  

Friday, July 26, 2013

Did agents of British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC) and Parkbridge THREATEN to MURDER a Nova Scotia mortgagte broker?

Did agents of BCIMC threaten a mortgage broker?
When Jack English could not find financing in British Columbia to pay out the Mission Creek mortgage on his property at Pacific Rim resort he reached out to contacts on the other side of Canada in the province of Nova Scotia and found a mortgage broker who offered to try to place his business outside the province among lenders in eastern Canada.  

Information was circulated among various lenders and there was a high interest because of the obvious value of the property and its ability to generate cash flow to pay back the debt. 

Then, on November 1, 2011 the mortgage broker reported: "I have received a couple of threatening calls from a blocked caller telling me to back off this project"

Again, on November 4, 2011, the mortgage broker reported "They called on Tuesday around 3 pm. The number was blocked. The gentleman told me to stop sending the package out for John English or I would regret it."

Finally, the mortgage broker decided that it would be safer for her if she stopped trying to find financing for Jack English, so she dropped the project for fear of her life.

Who would commit the crime of threatening the mortgage broker

It is reasonable and logical to conclude that the person who committed the crime was working for the parties who were trying to buy the property at below market values and those parties were BCIMC and its subsidiary, Parkbridge.

This is the logical or rational probability.

It is the Editors opinion that BCIMC, its subsidiary Parkbridge or one of their agents broke the Criminal Code of Canada and threatened to harm a mortgage broker to dissuade her from doing her job of finding mortgage funds for Jack English and his family

We ask the readers to be the judge and complete the online pool in the side bar at the right.

Until the criminals who attacked Jack English are put in jail, residents of British Columbia and investors in British Columbia have good reason to fear that they and their property will be similarly stolen from them.

Editors Note: On Friday afternoon July 26, 2013.  One of the persons connected to the publication of this blog received an intimidating telephone call from a woman who identified herself as Constable Aderichin of the Victoria City Police.  Constable Aderichin stated she wanted to discuss the blog.    She was informed that the blog was an expression of political opinion and the conversation was ended.  

The expression of political opinion is a right guaranteed by Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Canada's Bill of Rights, the common law and International Treaties.

So, what was this Victoria Constable Aderichin up to and why was she attempting to intimidate the Editors / Publishers of this political blog that is asking questions about crimes that appear to be committed by agents of the government?

Readers will be interested to know that the Victoria City Police pension funds are invested with BCIMC.  It is logical to conclude her pension funds managers asked her to intimidate the publishers of this blog.

It is now patently obvious that the Government of BC, BCIMC, BC Hydro or their agents are attempting to use the police to suppress freedom of speech, freedom of the press and freedom of political expression in Canada.   The Victoria City Police have been used for similar purposes in the past and several years ago initiated a malicious prosecution against a prominent whistleblower.

Click here to read more about bad faith prosecutions by Victoria City Police 

The logical conclusion is that the allegations on this blog are absolutely correct and that crimes were carried out by agents of BCIMC and BC Hydro and the BC Government and they are terrified that the truth is being told in a free and open way.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Was BC Hydro An Accomplice in a Criminal Conspiracy Against The English Family?

Was BC Hydro part of a criminal conspiracy? 

Is BC Hydro a criminal organization?

It sure looks that way.

We will tell you the facts and you, the reader, can be the judge. 

Readers are asked to complete online opinion poll in the right hand side bar column.

When your secret objective is to take over a man's property through a devious conspiracy, you better make sure that he does not have the resources to fight you and this is where BC Hydro comes in because, in August 2010, when the Pacific Rim Resort was being vandalized and terrorized, BC Hydro broke down fences, went through a locked gate and destroyed the only access bridge to the English family's other business location where Jack English had 600 campsites that could be put to use to earn revenue to fight his enemies.

This parcel of land was not mortgaged to secure the Mission Creek mortgage, so Jack English and his family were free to use it for business purposes without being tied up by mortgage foreclosure proceedings where, in Jack English's opinion, his own lawyers were now sabotaging him. (More about lawyer sabotage will be reported later).

Jack English caught BC Hydro in the act. 

According to Jack English, initially, BC Hydro "acted like good guys" and said they would repair the bridge but, then, in the Editors opinion, they engaged in a devious "bait and switch strategy" that was cleverly designed to ruin Jack English by attempting to drive him into bankruptcy.

BC Hydro told Jack English that they would hire him to be the general contractor to replace the bridge so Jack went out, hired engineers, ordered drawings and got the plans for the bridge approved by various agencies.  He also removed the debris of the old bridge that was polluting a fish habitat as a result of the destruction of the bridge by BC Hydro

The location on the creek where the bridge had been before it was destroyed by BC Hydro is shown in the photo.  At high tide, the creek is full of water.

When Jack English asked for payment, BC Hydro refused.

For two years, Jack English asked for payment for expenses incurred at the request of BC Hydro and for BC Hydro to replace the bridge destroyed by BC Hydro employees. 

For two years, BC Hydro assisted BCIMC to acquire the resort property at fire sale prices because, if BC Hydro had paid Jack English the money it owed him and BC Hydro had rebuilt the bridge its employees destroyed, as they promised and are legally obligated to do, Jack English would have been able to pay out Mission Creek mortgage and BCIMC and its subsidiary, Parkbridge, would never have been able to buy the resort property at fire sale prices of 20 cents on the dollar. 

Was BC Hydro a part of a criminal conspiracy?

You may wish to ask Raymond Aldeguer (sown in photo on left) their legal counsel in Vancouver.  Ray can be reached at 604 623 4514 

The key issue is, in deciding if a crime was committed, is motive and it sure looks like BC Hydo had a motive because BC Hydro is wholly owned by the Government of British Columbia and all of is employees have their pensions managed by BCIMC and Doug Pearce - who we believe were the masterminds behind the conspiracy to acquire the Pacific Rim Resort property at fire sale prices, i.e. 20 cents on the dollar - and all of those employees would receive a benefit if BCIMC / Parkbridge  acquired the resort property at below market values.

And, to make matters worse, to this very day, BC Hydro refuses to settle its bills and is deliberately dragging out a court case as part of what can best be characterized as a deliberate strategy to ruin Jack English, a private entrepreneur who  paid taxes for over 30 years to the same government that is now trying to destroy him.  The Editors have watched government paid lawyers and civil servants, in British Columbia, do this kind of thing before in many cases. The lawyers and civil servants have no stake in the proceeding so they deliberately delay meritorious cases, ruin private entrepreneurs and get paid with taxpayers money at the same time.

When Jack English attempted to resolve the matter by contacting the Minister in harge of BC Hydro, Bill Bennett, (shown in photo on right) who is no relation to the former Premiers of British Columbia, he got the run around. 

Bill Bennett is a lawyer and represents the area of Cranbrook in the British Columbia legislature.

It is not yet understood if Bill Bennett is deliberately avoiding the issue or if his staff are deliberately hiding information from him.  

When Jack English attempted to resolve the matter by contacting the Deputy Premier, Rich Coleman, (shown in photo on left) he got the run around.  However, Rich Coleman was the minister in charge of BC Hydro when BC Hydro employees destroyed the access bridge to the English family second campground with 600 sites that would have provided the English family with the funds to resist the plundering if its main resort and campground site by BCIMC and Parkbridge, so, Rich Coleman had a conflict of interest and he may have approved the use of BC Hydro employees to assist BCIMC the company that manages his pension plan.

The Editors believe that British Columbia will not be a safe place to do business until the criminals behind this conspiracy are put in jail for a long, long, time .

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Is the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation a criminal organization that uses terrorism to achieve its business objectives?

This blog is dedicated to helping the citizens of British Columbia resist the rapacious and predatory methods of the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC) that has been accused of using devious methods to plunder a small family business in order to benefit public service pension plans. 

We have been asked to investigate the case of Pacific Rim Resort and, based on our research, we are of the opinion that BCIMC used its power and influence to cheat the owners out of a very valuable piece of property located next door to Pacific Rim National Park at reduced distress sale prices.

According to owner Jack English, their property was violently attacked for 3 years as part of a terrorist campaign to force them off the land.

We will tell you the facts and you can be the judge.

In 2008 Pacific Rim Resort Campground, owned by the English Family since 1984 was undergoing a change from nightly camping to long term RV Pad Leasing. Over 300 families indicated interest in purchasing Leases from the English Family and the future looked bright.

However, the Resort had a Lender who appears to have decided otherwise.

Mission Creek Mortgage of Kelowna, British Columbia, held the first mortgage on the property.  Dealing through their brokers, Paradigm Mortgage, also of Kelowna, Mission Creek had, according to Jack English, lured the English family and their holding companies into a very high rate mortgage of 10.5% by promising to finance the redevelopment of the property to condos and hotels right on the beach. 

Eventually, the English family realized the Mission Creek plan was not going to happen and spoke to their many past customers and others at the campground and found there was huge interest by families wanting a long term lease on a recreational vehicle (RV) pad on the Resort property with its amazing beach and fantastic fishing nearby.
According to Jack English, when Paradigm / Mission Creek learned of the new plan by the English family it refused to honour its signed Commitment Letter and started foreclosure proceedings in 2009 without giving them even a chance to market any RV pad leases.

Paradigm’s CEO, Rae Meier, then led the English’s into thinking they would refinance them and told them to deal with a Mortgage Broker, Rick Dowding in Kelowna, but they had no intention of refinancing them and it was discovered that the Mortgage Broker was under BC Government suspension for unethical practices.

Click here to read suspension decision against Rick Dowding 
Then, in 2010, while fighting a hugely expensive legal battle with Paradigm, the English family decided to try and find a big company to come in and lease half their property so they could pay out Paradigm / Mission Creek and allow them to continue with their leasing program with all the great families they had dealt with over the three decades they had been in the RC camping business.
They also secured a Dealership for Vancouver Island for Hyline Trailers which are amazing, fully furnished, bumper pull, chemical free trailers built by Amish craftsmen that are like a condo on wheels.

The English’s sales motto was “Live the Rich Man’s Dream for a Working Man’s Price!” and “Grab Your Slice of Paradise!”

They attended major RV Shows and were the best attended booth at the shows.

So, in 2010, the English Family made contact with CBRE Real Estate’s RV Division  and were put in touch with CBRE’s Vice President, Michael Nissley, from Atlanta, Georgia.

Mr. English told Mr. Nissley that they did not want to sell their Resort as it had been in the Family for 30 years and was his children’s inheritance and their home, but that they would happily lease part of it to a qualified and reputable resort operator for as long a term as they needed to make it profitable for them. 

Nissley promised the English’s he would lease the upper half of their campground for enough to payout the debt to Paradigm and allow the English’s to go ahead with their RV Pad leasing program on the other half of their campground.

He agreed top be their real estate agent.  

Nissley said he had connections with a major company that had access to unlimited funding.

He also said he had ways of getting the Municipality and the Government to do what he wanted them to and Mr. English thought that this was very disturbing as Mr. Nissley was very confident and laughed about it.

Mr. Nissley said he was going to arrange a meeting with a person who was going to lease the upper campsites.  The person's name was Doug Pearce of Victoria.

Mr. English had no idea who Doug Pearce was, but said that was fine: he would meet with him.    But every time a meeting was arranged, Mr. Nissley would cancel it for some reason or another and say he was setting up another meeting.

These delays went on for over a year and a half.

During this time, the Resort started being hit with multiple arson attacks (three on one night in 2010) and another in broad daylight - this March), and the Resort water system was mysteriously demolished (September 2010), and 7 foot high chain link gates knocked to the ground, and washrooms and shop doors smashed down and vandalized in the night by persons wielding axes or hatchets. It was a terror campaign such as the English Family had only seen in movies or in war documentaries.

The above photo on the right is an actual photo of one of those arson attacks.

Pacific Rim Resort was hit with an ongoing wave of attacks that wiped out virtually all of the Resort’s infrastructure and made it impossible to operate the campground.

During this time, Mr. English and his two young children, Kim and Dylan, were forced to live in a dilapidated one room shack with no running water and a five gallon pail as a toilet for almost two years as the Resort insurance company refused to offer them coverage so they had to make formal complaints and sue the insurance company as well.

But the English Family refused to be run off their property and their home by criminals.

Then, next, after all this damage occurred, Mr. Nissley changed his tune and said that Mr. Pearce now would only buy the English’s property and not lease it.

Then, finally, Mr. Nissley let the English’s know that Mr. Pearce’s company was having its wholly owned subsidiary, Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc. (Parkbridge), make an application to the Court to buy the Resort from the lender Mission / Paradigm for the amount of the debt which had escalated during the time the English’s were under attack and foreclosure.

This sale would leave  the English Family homeless and penniless with no business and their property of 30 years taken from them by force and by deceit.
Mr. Doug Pearce is the CEO of the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation in Victoria BC which manages the Pension Funds of the BC Government Employees, including the BC Court Staff who were handling the English’s Foreclosure Court Case in the courts, the Teachers, who (wonderful people) are teaching the English’s Children at Ucluelet Elementary and Secondary Schools in Ucleulet, B.C., and the Municipal Employees of the District of Tofino who, illegally and unbelievably, continually denied the English’s their Business Licence to run their campground that they have owned for 30 years and then, when Mr. English said that he would open the campground, anyhow,and they could take him to Court for doing what he was legally entitled to do, Tofino blocked off the Resort’s sewer connection illegally to put the Resort out of business.
Why, you might ask?
Simple, according to Mr. English, Tofino Municipal Employees have their Pension funds invested with Doug Peace and BCIMC and the English’s believe that, most  likely, Tricia Dixon, Braden Smith (Business Licence) and Bob Shantz (Sewer blockage) were working with Doug Pearce and Michael Nissley of Parkbridge/BCIMC and the Resort’s Lenders, Paradigm, in a conspiracy to perpetrate a massive deception upon the foreclosure Court to take the English’s Resort away from them by devious methods including the use of criminal attacks on their property and by influencing government officials to put the English Family out of business. 

The English’s firmly believe that BCIMC/Parkbridge have illegally influenced Tofino Municipal employees to put their 30 year business into insolvency by abuse of their lawful authority as public officials.
This is what Mr. Nissley was so ominously mentioning to Mr. English in 2010 when they first met.

Tofino’s Town Administrator, Braden Smith, and Tofino Mayor Perry Schmunk, who both announced their resignations and promotions to higher paying jobs in December 2012.

Was this arranged for them as their reward for services rendered?

Mr. English accuses them of participating in unlawful actions against the Pacific Rim Resort property in an obvious effort to massively reduce the value of the Resort Property.

The English Family firmly believes that they did this to allow BCIMC to take the English’s property in an essentially rigged Court Sale with improper appraisals made possible by an illegal Tofino Bylaw written by Braden Smith (which Jack English was told Smith and the mayor called “The Get Jack Bylaw” referring to Mr. English).

This Bylaw 1164 imposed huge unprecedented retroactive Development Cost Charges -DCC- charges against the Resort to attempt to massively reduce its value and make it so the English’s couldn’t open for business or get refinancing, thus allowing Parkbridge/BCIMC to force the English’s out and buy their land for less than one quarter of its value.

Ironically and unbelievably, this is the hard earned pension funds of the Teacher’s of BC that are being used for criminal purposes to wipe out the business of a local family whose children are being schooled by the same teachers whose money is being misused like this without the Teacher’s knowledge or consent that this is being done.

If Jack English is right then the British Columbia Public Service Pension Fund is out of control and is a threat to all private enterprise entrepreneurs in the province.