British Columbia Investment Management Corporation

British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC) claims to be a model corporate citizen following ethical principles in its business dealings but there is emerging evidence BCIMC may be a criminal organization that terrorizes law abiding citizens in order to take over their property.

The story of how BCIMC secretly conspired to take over the property of Pacific Rim Resort owned by the English family reveals a network controlled by BCIMC stretching from Victoria, British Columbia, to Atlanta, Georgia.

The campaign of terrorism included, firebombing, vandalism, death threats, abuse of municipal power, abuse of government power, obstruction of justice, and attempted murder as part of a conspiracy to acquire private property at fire sale prices. All investors in British Columbia need to be aware of these tactics by Government agencies.

There is an ancient legal maxim: "He who profits most from a crime is the one most likely to have committed it"

The available evidence shows that crimes were committed and that BCIMC, along with its subsidiary Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc. (Parkbridge), and the Government of British Columbia benefitted so, in the Editors opinion, the logical conclusion, at this time, is that the Government of British Columbia, BCIMC and Parkbridge committed the crimes. But we will let you the reader be the judge. Please complete online opinion poll in right hand column.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bitches on the Bench - An Update - A Liar Does What A Liar Does When A Liar is Caught in Her Lie.

Liar Liz Bennett
One thing about liars is that they are predictable

When a liar is caught telling a lie, the liar will either deny it was a lie or avoid dealing with it

When an honest person, a person of integrity and decent character, makes a mistake and the mistake is brought to their attention, an honest person, a person of integrity and decent character, will examine the mistake carefully, reflect on it and, if they were genuinely wrong, admit it, apologize and make amends.

People make mistakes every day.

There is no shame in it in making an honest mistake, provided no one is harmed.

However, when a liar tells a lie and he or she is caught in it and the lie is fundamental to his or her position, then he or she is in deep trouble. To admit making a lie is to forfeit everything, career, position as a judge, credibility, dignity, respect from one's peers and ultimately self respect.

A liar can deny it but, if the truth is obvious, as it is in the case of the lies told by British Columbia Court of Appeal Justices Elizabeth Bennett, Mary Saunders and Nicole Garson in their scandalously fraudulent judgment given in the case of Gregory N. Harney Law Corporation v Aggleland Holdings Inc and others, then the liar will usually engage in what psychologists call "avoidance coping".

In psychology, avoidance coping, escape coping, or cope and avoid is a maladaptive coping mechanism characterized by the effort to avoid dealing with a stressor. Coping refers to behaviors that attempt to protect oneself from psychological damage.

Liar Niki Garson
So when John English detected what he thought was a deliberate lie in the judgement of British Columbia Court of Appeal Justices Elizabeth Bennett, Mary Saunders and Nicole Garson made July 17, 2016, he applied to court for a  reconsideration based on what was a clear error of fact in the reasons for judgment.

In response, if the judges had been honest people, persons of integrity and decent character, they would have examined the allegation of a mistake carefully, reflected on it and written about it in their reasons for judgment on the reconsideration motion for all the world to see what it was they had been mistaken upon and, if the mistake was incidental and of no consequence then the judgment would not change and the public would have confidence in their judgment but, if the mistake was fundamental, then they would change the judgment and, again, the public would have confidence in their judgment.  

Click here to read the 8 paragraph judgment issued September 28, 2016 on the reconsideration motion and notice that the facts Mr. English claims are incorrect are never referred to

Remember, that Mr. English is claiming that the amended account was not delivered and served as the judges originally wrote in paragraph 44 of their first judgment.

Click here to read paragraph 44 of the original judgment made June 17, 2016

Unfortunately, British Columbia Court of Appeal Justices Elizabeth Bennett, Mary
Liar Mary Saunders
Saunders and Nicole Garson did not do what one expects of honest people,  persons of integrity and decent character, and instead they engaged in classic "avoidance conduct" by issuing new reasons for judgment that avoid any reference to the actual mistake of fact thereby proving that their judgment is a fraud and that they are under probably threat and intimidation by British Columbia Investment Management Corporation or some other very powerful group of persons - perhaps, even, the provincial cabinet of Premier Christy Clark.

The whole sorry story emerges because British Columbia Investment Management Corporation wants this property, it got this property for pennies on the dollar at an unfair rigged and crooked court sale and they, the Board of Directors, think they don't have to return it to its rightful owners because they are ABOVE THE LAW - and, for now, they are right.      

English Family Resort Property

This is because BCIMC controls $150 billion in public service pension funds and someone burned down the English family home so BCIMC could get control of the English family property -

English Family Home Burning
And someone tried to burn down the business office the same day to get control of the property BCIMC wanted. It was the same day someone burned the pump house but we don't have a photo for that.  But three fires, in one day, are no co-incidence.   

English Family Resort Business Office Burnt on Same Day As Their Home
And British Columbia's responsible politicians refuse to act to rectify a wrong caused by out of control public servants and the probable reason for their inaction is that they stand to benefit from the crimes committed because those crimes have enriched their own pension plans.

Deputy Premier Rich Coleman
And Attorney General Suzanne Anton shows her colours at a local hot spot
Suzanne Anton in the middle with the girls (?)
And, so, although our fathers and grandfathers and, yes, our grandmothers and mothers, too, died and were injured fighting the Nazis Gangsters in WW2, they did so for nothing because our government has become a gang of Nazi Gangsters who burn and loot property and throws their victims to their graves just like the Nazis did.  

A Family Victimized by the State
Welcome to British Columbia, Canada.



Friday, October 14, 2016

Pedro Ameerali Uses Crooked Legal Tactics Against English Family and Offers Bribe To Retired Lawyer John Carten

Pedro Ameerali
The British Columbia Government has assigned lawyer Pedro a.k.a. "Peter" Ameerali to defend itself from what is a multi million dollar lawsuit and what could soon become a multi-billion dollar lawsuit filed by John English and his family to recover their resort property that was stolen from them by British Columbia Investment Management Corporation by means of a crooked court sale process where agents of BCIMC manipulated the court process from behind the scenes by violence, death threats, attempted murder and other crimes.

The case may soon destroy the career of British Columbia Premier Christy Clark because Ameerali is claiming that Premier Christy Clark and her cabinet are responsible for the crooked legal tactics he is using.  

To be fair to Premier Clark, Ameerali has a proven reputation for dishonesty.

Ameerali and the gang of criminals inside the British Columbia Ministry of Justice have joined with the Law Society of British Columbia and threatened retired lawyer, John Carten, with jail if he continues to assist John English and his family try to recover their property that was stolen from them by BCIMC using criminal and terrorist tactics. 

Premier Christy Clark

The dishonest and corrupt Ameerali demanded that Carten and English henceforth:

 "cease all attempts to communicate about resolving the claims that are the subject matter of this claim with all other Provincial agents and employees including politicians and ministers of the government". 

Click here to read Ameeralis demand in paragraph 4 of Affidavit No 3.
Every lawyer knows that in a democratic country, like Canada, every citizen has an unfettered right to attempt to communicate his or her concerns about government or bad government to elected office holders such as politicians and minister of government. 

The crooked Ameerali then tried to bribe Mr. Carten to get him to discontinue the English family lawsuit referred to by Ameerali as the Nederland Holdings action .
The crooked Ameerali wrote 
"Any settlement proposals can be sent to me, and I will seek instructions. For example, if you were to suggest that you immediately drop your opposition to the Law Society's application, and discontinue the Nederland Holdings action, I would likely forward that offer with a recommendation ‎that the AGBC and HMQBC accept not seek costs. If you suggested anything else, I would likely recommend otherwise."

Click here to read more about Ameerali's bribe in paragraph 18 of Affidavit No 3

According to legal scholars section 120 (b) of the Criminal Code specifically provides that "every one", especially a lawyer like Mr. Ameerali "who..corruptly gives or offers... anyone", such as Mr. Carten, "money or valuable consideration ", such as an agreement not to seek costs, " with the intent that the person", such as Mr. Carten, "should interfere with the administration of justice", such as by discontinuing a lawful action like the Nederland Holdings action that involves claims by other parties including children, "is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years". 

It could be that Pedro Ameerali is high on crack cocaine because his conduct suggests he is. It is well known that crack cocaine is the recreational drug of choice among members of the legal profession in British Columbia and there is a lot of crack cocaine used by senior BC Government employees like Mr. Ameerali
English Family Home Allegedly Burned By Government Agents
The homes and the business office and the pump house were all attacked on the same day

Business office was attacked same day as home was burned down