British Columbia Investment Management Corporation

British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCIMC) claims to be a model corporate citizen following ethical principles in its business dealings but there is emerging evidence BCIMC may be a criminal organization that terrorizes law abiding citizens in order to take over their property.

The story of how BCIMC secretly conspired to take over the property of Pacific Rim Resort owned by the English family reveals a network controlled by BCIMC stretching from Victoria, British Columbia, to Atlanta, Georgia.

The campaign of terrorism included, firebombing, vandalism, death threats, abuse of municipal power, abuse of government power, obstruction of justice, and attempted murder as part of a conspiracy to acquire private property at fire sale prices. All investors in British Columbia need to be aware of these tactics by Government agencies.

There is an ancient legal maxim: "He who profits most from a crime is the one most likely to have committed it"

The available evidence shows that crimes were committed and that BCIMC, along with its subsidiary Parkbridge Lifestyle Communities Inc. (Parkbridge), and the Government of British Columbia benefitted so, in the Editors opinion, the logical conclusion, at this time, is that the Government of British Columbia, BCIMC and Parkbridge committed the crimes. But we will let you the reader be the judge. Please complete online opinion poll in right hand column.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

BCIMC Is In Financial Trouble and Begins Selling Asset To Cover Cash Outlays

Gordon Fyfe CEO of BCIMC
The corrupt management at the British Columbia Investment Management Corporation aka BCIMC is in big financial trouble and they are beginning to dispose of financial assets to cover costs.

Last week, it was announced that BCIMC has sold its interest in the Canadian based Delta Hotel chain to Marriott Hotels for $169 million.

Click here to read media report on sale

In the opinion of the Editors this is evidence that BCIMC is in deep financial trouble.  The problem for BCIMC is that it must pay the highly over inflated civil servant pensions that the heavily unionized government work force has extorted from the public in British Columbia.

There simply is not enough cash to cover the grotesque pension benefits and so the asset disposal is ramping up.  When pension benefit stop then things will get very interesting.

Was English home burned out by BCIMC agents?
This could not come at a worse time for BCIMC now that their management team has been implicated in the orchestration of a domestic terrorism to acquire the  English family resort property at fire sale prices.

Jack English has reported criminal activity that took place at his resort to the RCMP and asked for a

BC Finance Minister Cuts RCMP Budget
full police investigation which in turn prompted British Columbia  Finance Minister Mike De Jong to cut the budget of the RCMP prompting the RCMP to complain that they will not have enough resources to investigation serious organized crime cases like the crimes that were organized by agents of BCIMC against the English family.

Click here to read about RCMP complaint about BC Budget  

Of course, Mike De Jong has a huge conflict of interest because he is the Minister in charge of BCIMC and the RCMP investigation will lead directly back to the Ministry of Finance which failed to supervise the management at BCIMC to insure innocent families were not terrorized by government agents. 

Jack English 
Jack English has been making a series of Freedom of Information requests for documents that will assist to prove the criminal conspiracy against his family was organized by senior Government officials but the government is denying those requests on the grounds that he release of the documents will cause damage to the Government. 

In the meantime, BCIMC continues to hide from the truth but the international capital markets and their advisors are following developments on this site which is a testament to the duplicitous corruption that hides behind the façade of respectability that BCIMC once enjoyed.

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